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Even Drones – Ethics LP



  • Medium: 2×12″ (clear) Gatefold
  • Catalog No: FDF LP 05
  • Release Date: 01.04.2022
  • Mastering: Stefan Betke
  • Manufacturing: RAND Muzik
  • Artwork/Design: Bureau Experimental


After two decades of releasing music on 12“ vinyl under multiple pseudonyms the duo from Even Drones have completed their first LP. The 20 track double vinyl carries the classic “album era” approach of the 60s and 70s into a modern contemporary work.

Each of the 4 sides of „Ethics“ feels like the chapter of a story balanced into a synthesis of counterpoints from piece to piece. Twisted arrangements are stringed together with dance-able tracks and are woven into finespun transmutations of sounds. Sometimes peaceful and regulated, sometimes abstract and complemented with tamed feedback, noises, crackling and delightful patterns.

Like a continuous thread through all titles of the album, the multi instrumentalists somehow managed to harmonize a twisted array of methods and structures into a coherent listening experience. This full feature-length metamorphosis with no boundaries of styles or genres is released just in time for the 10th anniversary of the band on Freund der Familie.