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Imagine this scenario: Sometime during the last XX years. You`re navigating in one of the trustworthiest club in Leipzig. You receive an unpredictable, instantly hip-loosening, expertly, but oh-so-casual performed set, in which you want to dance for evermore. A light-footed ride over the keyboard of contemporary and universal sounds from organic-melodic house and disco through to soulful techno. You have to know who operates the controller here. You’re dancing towards the DJ booth. Who do you behold behind the turntables? Filburt. His sets between turntablism and beat match expertise, mindful of his flowing together in the great Floor formula style horizons are no more regional phenomenon. As 50 % of Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt and also as a producer / DJ on his own Filburts effective radius has expanded into the national and international in the recent years.

As the former manager of the renowned Leipzig Vinyl Dealers Freezone Records and owner of the label O*RS was or is he active at all possible switching points of the scene. The experience behind the decks and in the periphery trains his sense for the perfect club track for years. Several formulations with this feeling for House and everything adjacent have already appeared on labels like Permanent Vacation, Liebe*Detail, Mirau, Dirt Crew, Compost and Riotvan.
Text: Andreas Richter