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Philipp Priebe – Until The End


  • Medium: 2×12″ (purple)
  • Catalog No: PARA LP 01
  • Release Date: 01.10.2024
  • Mastering: Sven Weisemann
  • Manufacturing: Deepgrooves
  • Photo by Peter Oliver Wolff
  • Artwork/Design: KR


Philipp Priebe, a true romantic in the realm of electronic music, is ready to captivate audiences with his latest masterpiece, “Until The End”.

This album is a vivid canvas painted with Priebe’s signature blend of emotive melodies and pulsating rhythms, promising an experience that ignites both movement and emotion. Renowned for his talent in crafting immersive sonic landscapes that resonate with longing and ardor, Priebe’s forthcoming release on “Paradijs Boogie”, the first offshoot of the esteemed German label Freund der Familie is highly anticipated.

With a decade of musical prowess and a reputation for delivering soul-stirring house music, “Until The End” is poised to take listeners on a captivating journey through the ethereal realms of Priebe’s musical universe.